Monday, October 5, 2009

Sorry for going MIA...

Richard took this picture, isn't it beautiful. This was Laguna Beach, where my dad used to fish growing up.

Thank you to everyone that sent messages letting me know that you were interested in reading my blog. We were out of town last weekend so I apologize if you were missing the updates. We had a wonderful time in California, the weather was as good as it could possibly get. It was so nice to catch up with my family and to be near the beach.

This week has been really busy, first of all I have to update you that the landscaping is officially finished. It is beautiful but a bit anticlimactic since I have to wait until next spring to really see everything take off. I am praying that the deer do not eat the pansies, we have sprayed "Deer Off". I read somewhere that if your husband urinates on the plants it will keep them away. Not sure if that will happen. But we are potty training Nicholas so maybe I should take advantage of this opportunity and take him outside....

Thanks to my wonderful neighbor Marta, I was able to keep up with minute by minute progress through IPhone pics while I was in California. The stepford wives are always watching and we cannot discuss what has gone on in someone else's backyard because we are afraid of the neighborhood association, "you know the one you pay to tell you what to do" - makes no sense to me.

Nicholas had a fun time watching them dig a french drain through the yard, he is a bit obsessed with tunnels. He is also obsessed with car washes, I mean really OBSESSED. If we pass a gas station, he says "mama's car is dirty, let's go to that little car wash". This is known as the little car wash, the "big" car wash is the one that you get to get out of the car and watch all the cars go through the scrubbers and is a special treat on Saturday's with his dada. So I have been looking online and in every toy magazine for the perfect toy car wash, well let's just say the toy companies are very proud of them, the cheapest one I have found is $150. (This must have something to do with that complicated budgeting process I created at a major toy manufacturer back in my old life!) That seems excessive, even for me! But that is what made the California trip that much more special, I found a $15 travel size car wash. It is a little box that opens and yes, hallelujah, it has scrubbers.

Let's see what else can I tell you all, I have been using my blog hour this week to create sales demos for work. I am a bit of a perfectionist sometimes, this is big issue for someone that is only supposed to work 25 hours a week. It was fun nonetheless.

On the trip we were the annoying family with the two year old and the husband talking very loudly about work stuff on his cell phone. I was so embarrassed when Richard made me cut in front of everyone in line to get on the plane because we had a small child, I was not convinced they had called families with small children. All so that he could get on the plane and talk so loudly that everyone going to California had to endure this conversation until they closed the door. On the way back we had one of those unfortunate, "we need a part" announcements. I thought it was going to be a nightmare since we had 4 1/2 hour flight in front of us and now we had to wait on a part and we were already on the plane. Somehow God was watching, Nicholas fell asleep and did not wake up until five hours later when we were an hour away from Charlotte. Richard had an eye infection and the guy next to him kept giving him dirty looks every time he put his eye drops in, you had to be there it was pretty funny. We were a mess. All in all, it was a good trip. Much better than the time Nicholas screamed for a complete two hours or the time he did not sleep on an eight hour flight from England. He is becoming quite the traveller.

The funniest part of the trip was that my dad taught Nicholas how to sing Staying Alive and dance like John Travolta. Funny, maybe I will post a video of this.

I would post pics from the trip but I have way too many to go through so it will probably be the weekend before that happens. I have so much to say but no more time tonight, so I wanted to to let you all know that I have every intention of continuing with the blog so keep your eye out. It may be a bit slow for the next month or so because there is so much going on right now. If I learned one thing the first year of my son's life, I am not a happy camper if I don't sleep, so good night and I look forward to catching you all up soon!