Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am so behind....

I feel incredibly guilty because I have not been keeping everyone updated but it has been a busy few weeks. So let's see the last blog was about potty training day 1. Well Potty Training Day 2 through Day X went pretty well, we stayed inside and went to the potty every thirty minutes, so no accidents - Yeah Nicholas! He went to school for a few days wearing big boy pants and did pretty good.

Fast forward - blame it on me the horrible mom, we went on a trip to the mountains and convincing Richard that we must stop every thirty minutes for Nicholas to potty was not going to happen, so we are now back in pull ups. We have a trip planned to Texas next week so when we get back we will try again. Everyone loves to criticise the diaper industry for pushing products that prolong children's use of diapers, but I gotta give them kuddos on pull ups!

We went on a fabulous mountain trip last weekend to the smokies. It rained for the first few days and the last two days were absolutely perfect. My husband's father and step mother were with us. We rented a cabin, toured around the Great Smoky Mtn Park and it was great! We saw a cub and it's mother, a 14-point dear (which all the deer hunters of our trip were in awe of - me I just thought it was neat because they thought it was neat), some snow and ice and had a great fire at the cabin - wonderful.

A few months ago Richard and I decided that we would start this new phenomenon called "date night". I find this an interesting concept that really illustrates how ridiculous life has become. Anyway our date night is Wednesday night and we were both pleasantly surprised that it has been kind of fun and gives us a sense of a break leading up to the weekend. However, Richard is out of town this week so I went on date night with my friends. We had a great time, we saw the movie "Julie and Julia" which was really cute and ironically about a modern day woman blogging and a housewife trying to fill up her time with something she is interested in - how relevant is that?

Well I had a great time and I somehow managed to get through my day without eating dinner so it is 10:00pm and I need to do that so I will write more soon. A few people keep wanting to know if I will ever post pics of the landscaping - yes I will one day.