Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can you believe???

Can you believe that my last post was in November? Well many of you will say yes, because many of you have sent me notes asking when I will be updating my blog again. Well our lives have been one whirlwind after another since November. I probably slowed down on the blog the moment I found out that we were requested to have my husband's team over for a holiday party in early December and yes I immediately panicked. I distinctly remember the conversation in July -

Me: "Honey, will you be wanting to have your team over for a holiday party this year?"
Him: "No, I don't think so"

Fast forward, late November,
Him: "Oh my team wants to have the holiday party here, can you make it happen?"
Me: "Oh sure, I love planning parties for forty people with no Christmas decorations on hand with three weeks notice. Let's ignore my other committments: twelve reindeer shirts to make for my son's preschool class, a job that seems to think December is a good month for deadlines, and a two year old - (smile real big)."

See the funny thing is even though we have been together twelve years, we have never really invested in Christmas Decorations. When we were in Houston I guess we were just lazy, in London, we came home for Christmas so no need, and when we moved here, we made sure we had stuff for the outside, a big lighted tree to put in the front window with no ornaments - so from the outside it looked great. We always head home to Texas in mid December so once again no need for decorations. So really when I was asked to accomplish the impossibe the big smile I described earlier was really, YEAH - I HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GO CRAZY. Any mention of budget and the response was well if I had time to bargain hunt then that may work but I only have three weeks....The party turned out wonderful. I love parties and I will never turn down an opportuntiy to plan a party! And the best treat of all - my husband agreed to put lights on the three VERY TALL holly trees out front of the house. (He finally agreed to doing this himself after I had a quote for some $950 to do this, that is crazy - who on earth would pay that?)

So the reindeer shirt was another good one, let's just say going to Michael's approximately 20 times within a three week time period was interesting. My design was totally flawed and had too many linear parts. They turned out cute and in the end the Christmas Parade was wonderful.

Then we were off to Texas for the holidays, great trip but call me if you wish to discuss details about the family - that is another blog entirely in and of itself!

We shipped all of Nicholas's gifts to NC and they arrived today. He was so excited to get his new toys to add to his already overflowing toy room. It needs a serious clean out but I discovered last night that this will need to occur when he is not looking. I picked up a toy that he has not touched in six months, made the mistake of saying "Nicholas I think I am going to give this away."

"NOOOOOOOOO, Nicholas wants to play with that." My son still speaks in the third person, which is so cute. And he has evidently inherited the pack rat gene from my mother.

Well I do have lots in my head to write about for future blogs but I am hungry, so Happy New Year and we will be speaking soon! Ali looks to be having fun in Bangkok or Cambodia so be sure to check her blog out!