Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting back to Normal

Well we have officially been home for six days now. I am finally getting back into the grove. I really cannot understand how I travelled for six years non-stop and did not skip a beat. Now I travel and I feel like I need a month to recover. I have become very set in my routine and when it changes I panic, really weird feeling. It has been raining non-stop since Monday and it is getting cold. I really need to get my fireplace fixed, by fixed I mean I need it to have a remote control so I can turn it on and off. It has some really complicated contraption that requires six hands to actually turn it on, so that means we do not use it.

I am happy to say upon my return, the grass has started to fill in again and looks like it is coming to life, that is of course the grass I can see past all the leaves. I decided to buy two new cast stone planters for the porch that will contain my winter plants, the lady of palms have to come inside for the winter. Well Richard had to help me get them out of the car yesterday, by help I mean he had to do it and I had to stand there and look important. They were so heavy they made it all the way out of the car onto the floor in the garage and there they sit waiting for someone to do something. Considering each one weighs more than me, that someone will not be me. I was really sad that I missed my favorite tree turning bright yellow and then dropping it's leaves while I was gone. Good thing the Japanese Maple has not turned bright red yet, that is amazing to watch.

This week Nicholas and I have had fun entertaining each other. Before I started working again, he and I would spend lots of time working on letters, colors and shapes - poor child I was determined he had to know his letters before he could speak. We have really managed to get out of the practice of doing these types of things together with our new schedule. This week we have spent quite a few nights looking at his picture books again and he is now in the mode of spelling out the letters to make the word that is in the picture. He seems to really like the word Yak and wanted the long haired goat in the book to be a yak and he wanted the camel to be yak but I had to explain that these were not Yak's. He is also really into the silliness of the Dr.Seuss books, he laughs so hard at half of the pages, it is absolutely the most fun thing be with him when he is laughing so hard he can hardly breath. When he was about 20 months he loved the book, "Hop on Pop" so much that he had memorized all the words and I had to hide it because if I read it one more time I was going to scream. Well tonight I found it and got it out, I was really sad to realize that he did not seem to remember the name of it. This is unusual for him, he remembers the name of every book he reads. But the good news is it did not take him long and he was laughing up a storm at that fact the the Cup was on the Pup and that Pat was sitting on a Cat and that Ned's hair was Red. Not sure what was funny but he was seriously enjoying this.

I am currently waiting for Richard to return from his day trip to Toronto, can you believe it is only a two hour trip to Canada - amazing. Last night we went to see "Men that Stare at Goats" or something like that, okay it was a really silly movie but kind of entertaining I guess. That was the first movie we had seen in a really long time, we are so lame, our big plan was to do dinner and a movie, but this was derailed because I had basically told my husband that if he did not get a flu shot, he was no longer allowed in the house. So he had to take a side trip on the way home from work to get that, I was on the phone when he got home deep in some very important conversation about preschool parties, we only made it through the movie and both of us decided we were too tired for dinner, so we came home.

Well I am looking forward to the weekend, I wonder what Ali is up to...

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